We invite you to join us at The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival, a 3-day gathering of yogis, teachers, and students with a shared love of yoga practice & lifestyle, movement, and the natural world.

Over 20 senior international & local yoga teachers are coming together July 10th-13th 2020, joined by healers, massage practitioners, and movement teachers to share their wisdom and knowledge with you.

We believe that yoga is a living entity that has a nearly limitless way of expressing itself in practice. Often in our local studios, we have limited exposure to the vast diversity of yoga styles.

The Celtic Woodland Festival is here to create an experience of yoga exploration, where a wide variety of teachers and styles are all gathered in one place for you to explore.



The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival is set in a magnificent Georgian mansion built over 200 years ago and placed on a dramatic hilltop. Today, it is surrounded by 60 acres of rolling woodland which overlook the Boyne River Valley in the East of Ireland.

The wooded grounds are strikingly beautiful and peaceful, making it an ideal place to learn and practice yoga. The Georgian mansion where the classes and meals take place is an architectural jewel, renowned for its exquisite interior and graceful proportions. 4 days of yoga in this place of both human and sylvan beauty will help you to reconnect to yourself, friends and to the harmony of nature.



The festival will feature over 20 workshops, seminars & classes per day, both morning and afternoon, in a wide variety of yoga styles. Classes will be led by experienced teachers who have been dedicated to yoga practice and teaching for many years.

We have tried to gather the best yoga teachers around, to ensure your experience at The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival is most transformative.



As exciting and fun as the diverse yoga classes are, they are only the beginning of the offerings. You will also be able to attend meditations, breath practices, seminars, and talks. In addition, you can get yourself bodywork sessions, shake it in movement classes, get lost in storytelling or enchanted by music.

Clean, pure and healthy food and drinks are served to all participants of the festival and will be provided the whole weekend to keep your vibes high and your taste buds delighted.



This festival is designed to be a place where we can all make new friends, network with other yogis and join together to expand the yoga community in Ireland (and worldwide!). The Celtic Woodland Yoga festival is dedicated to broad-mindedness, diversity and conscious exploration, so that we can continue to grow this yoga into the future as a living, breathing spiritual art form.

This festival has been envisioned by dedicated yogis to gather other yoga lovers together to learn, teach, exchange ideas and enjoy a healthy weekend of practice and fun. It is a great opportunity for all of us to find new teachers and explore new styles of yoga and expand out of our comfort zones into whole new worlds of practice.

Come and be a participant in the Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival set in the beauty of nature. Roll up your sticky mat, gather your yogi friends and join us for this expansive weekend!



We love trees and appreciate their magnificence in the natural world. For every person attending the festival, a tree will be planted.
More information on this initiative coming soon.



We have a variety of accommodation options including shared rooms in the main house (inexpensive shared rooms with approx 6 people), bring your own tent or upgrade to glamorous camping in yurts and teepees on the beautiful wooded grounds.

Delicious, healthy food and drinks will be provided all weekend to keep your vibes high and your tastes satiated.


THE LOCATION IS: Townley Hall Co. Louth Ireland



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